Discovering beauty through my Eastern-culture background, in which profoundly reflects to my art work. The symbolic sign of old Chinese written-language is fascinated me since I had chance to go abroad for study and experience the cultural differences. Chinese character was firstly developing from concrete objects and abstract meaning, in which convey a powerful impression through visible sign due to communication. I realize that the written forms were beautifully related to the life style of the people, which is very different from Western phonetic system and it affects the way of thinking as well. Because of standing in between of two cultures, I begin to explain the ambiguous part by making pieces rather than say it in words.

Inspired by forming Chinese character and the philosophy of practicing calligraphy, I tend to innovate the surrounding-objects by toughing and feeling the selected-material for my work. During the process of searching, my thought authentically reveals to the pieces by various mediums, such as a piece of “drawn-palette” which could be wear, or a series of photographs which telling the story of the daily-life object.
To me, the process of making a piece from three-dimensional objects to two-dimensional drawing or photograph, it becomes a circulation that one related to another. Similar to the sign of character by adding one or two same/different sign then becomes another new word.
I am creating my own visual language that involves my life and me as a whole. Keeping the faith of making sincere art piece is what I am aiming at.