The artist Eva Hesse said of her work: " I don't value the totality of the image on this abstract or aesthetic point. For me it is a total image that has to do with me and life. It can not be divorce because I do not believe art can be based on an idea of composition or form. In fact, my idea is to counteract everything I've ever learned or been taught about those things, to find something else, so it is inevitable that it is my life, my feeling, my thoughts…."

I began by touching and feeling the materials I selected for my works, things such as felt, silk and pearl, all of which recall my memory of earlier years when I learned to paint. Inspired by that, I began to explore the conceptual connection between two-dimensional painting and three-dimensional pieces.

To me, painting is deep. What the audience sees in the work conjures up what the artist might have felt when he or she put every stroke carefully onto the canvas. The creative process transmutes the painter's time and thoughts into a picture. I am interested in the transition from painting to craft making. In that, my thinking process is authentically reflected in my craft.

I use my hands and carefully selected materials as a vehicle to communicate sensations; then complete a piece of work, "a form of reality".


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