About the h-scarf

Sky is what I found fascinated from Holland. When I look outside from the window, it sometimes gives me unexpected surprised.  
I use felt to express the texture of clouds. Because When I touch felt, it is so soft and vulnerable.  It makes me feel like if I could touch the cloud in real.
The work I am making is using silk fabric as a base and lay felt on top of it. During the making process, the both animal fiber is ‘felting’ together, it is called Nuno technique.  That is why the end product shows not only the wool layer but also the layer of silk.
I transform the view and feeling from the sky into the tangible materials. In which is similar to a painter holding the brush putting strokes of colours on top of the canvas. I use my hands carefully selected colours and physical working to complete a piece of work. It is warm, comfortable and unique.

About myself:

I was born and growing up in Taiwan. I have diverse art and design education background in Taiwan, England and The Netherlands. At the moment I live and work in Amsterdam. Besides making wearable piece, I am also giving lesson of Chinese ink painting and calligraphy. Please see Hink Painting or Google/Facebook: Hink painting.




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