Hink Painting/ 水墨畫 教學


What is Ink painting?

Ink painting is when the creators translate their sensibility through this simple combination of water, ink, and paper. The creators follow the attitude of the tool and transform their physical handling experience into the subtle proportion, placement and tone of brushwork. Sometimes, the goal of ink painting is not solely to represent the appearance of the subject, but to capture its soul.

About me:

When I was teenager, my art training began with Chinese landscape painting. The main reasons for young pupils practicing ink painting and calligraphy are to preserve cultural heritage as well as to help improve one’s character. But I did not realize those reasons until now, when I am far away from my home country. I have experienced the differences of culture and living style in the foreign country, which allow me to see myself more clearly.

Maybe my Eastern roots are due to this. The investigations of my MA diplomas in the UK and Holland are all related to the Chinese art. Introducing Eastern way of seeing beauty and depicting the object or landscape through ink painting seems for me a very excited task.
If you are interested in Eastern art, feel free to contact to me.

The lessons/workshop:

The lesson at Tweede Boerhaavestraat 49 (small studio space) is focus on traditional technique of landscape painting on rice paper. For example, drawing various dots and lines to present trees, plants or mountains. With the tutorial at the studio and practice on your own at home, you are able to get quicker alone with the “attitude” of brushes, ink and water on rice paper. Please email for appointment.

*Coming soon Hink Painting workshop at Tea's Delight: Please visit Hink Painting FB page.


Brushes: You can buy it in Ming Ya book shop in Amsterdam China town, or in the art shop like Van der Linde, Vlieger.

What can you learn:

You will learn basic technique of ink painting, for example how to make different tone in one stroke and feel how does the materials work with each other.



More photos of workshops please google: Hink painting (FacebookB Page)

More works on rice paper please go to Work2


Photos:Workshop at Tea's Delight and Atelier Pathika